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QFI Chennai – 524

Moving on from entertainment, here’s a lame attempt at something else.

Put Funda / Comment / Connect …

6 of you got the connect …

Ans : The connect is A Midsummer Night’s Dream

The Prince is Prince Ranjitsinghji of Jamnagar (of Ranji Trophy fame) a.k.a Colonel His Highness Shri Sir Ranjithsinji Vibhaji, Maharajah Jam Saheb of Nawanagar, GBE, KCSI

The gentleman is Sir Neville Cardus (who came out with gems like “A snick by Jack Hobbs is a sort of disturbance of a cosmic orderliness”)

His colourful description of the stylish and unorthodox Ranji who was seen as one of the greatest batsmen of all time prior to World War I was “The Midsummer Night’s Dream of Cricket”.

The Painting was Henry Fuseli’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (Bottom’s Dream)


QFI Chennai – 523

I agree there is too much entertainment & pop culture bias on the latest set of questions. Having said that, just connect these albums.

Ans: Vatican’s Top 10 a.k.a The Ten Commandments of Music (?!). Four of you have got it correct.

Read Kamal Rathi’s answer. It is as elaborate as it can get.

QFI Chennai – 522

From X to Y. On the occasion of Z.

Who / What are X,Y & Z?

6 People got it right;

X=George Lucas; Y=James Cameron; Z=Titanic dethroning Star Wars  as #1 Box office movie of all time.

This was taken out as a full page ad in Variety. More interesting info here

QFI Chennai – 521

Sitter – Thought the visual was interesting. The question is an old chestnut.

Fill in the Blanks.

Answer: Albert Einstein being offered the post of President in the  newly formed state of Israel.

11 of you got it right.

Daily Question – 84

Today’s question comes from Vikram Rajan, again, who is determined to make up for yesterday’s question!

Identify both and connect.

Thomas Sangster (Visual 1) and Andy Serkis (Visual 2), who have been cast as Tintin and Captain Haddock respectively in the upcoming Tintin movies by Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson.

Cracked by 10 of you! In order – Thomas Masun, zizzyphus, anantha, Arun Nirmal, Gaurav, sueibo, Amith, TKB, Raghuvansh, and Paulie.

Daily Question – 82

She made headlines last week. What’s her name?

The singer/songwriter/producer Kara DioGuardi, who was last week unveiled as the fourth judge on ‘American Idol’, for the show’s 8th season.

11 attempts, but only one correct answer – zizzyphus. Well done! I’m absolutely amazed that so many of you guessed Sarah Palin, ignoring the possibly crucial fact that the woman in the visual looked nothing like her!!!

Daily Question – 79

The person in the second visual created a work that was inspired by the most famous work by the person depicted in the first visual. However, their titles seem almost opposite. Identify both people and name the works.

John Bunyan (Visual 1) wrote ‘The Pilgrim’s Progress’, and inspired by it, C.S. Lewis (Visual 2) wrote ‘The Pilgrim’s Regress’.

Cracked by 12 of you! In order – zizzyphus, Thomas Masun, Varun, Venkatesh S (Venky), Thejaswi Udupa, Cranial Rub, Kamal Rathi, CR, citybank(rupt), Goutham, li’l_boy-fat_man, and Rohan.