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QFI Chennai – 522

From X to Y. On the occasion of Z.

Who / What are X,Y & Z?

6 People got it right;

X=George Lucas; Y=James Cameron; Z=Titanic dethroning Star Wars  as #1 Box office movie of all time.

This was taken out as a full page ad in Variety. More interesting info here



Just connect the 6 images and give us a 2 word answer.

Meki,Dinesh, Ashwin, AamAadmi & Woenvu got it right

The answer is Seven Sisters

The breakdown is (Clockwise from Left Top:
What we know as Gillette Castle was called Seven Sisters by William Gillette
The 7 studios were collectively called Seven Sisters
The Seven Sisters (Syv Systre) waterfall in Norway
The Chalk cliffs in Sussex are called Seven Sisters
The Painting “The Pleiades” (Seven Sisters) by Elihu Vedder
The Seven Sisters Rock Formation in the Valley of Fire State Park (Nevada,USA)

Daily Question – 71

Portrait of whom, by whom?

Portrait of Robert Louis Stevenson, by John Singer Sargent.

Cracked by 9 of you! In order – zizzyphus, Soda, Ajay Parasuraman, Raghuvansh, Nidhi, Crab urinal, anon-on-narkotix, CR, and Thejaswi Udupa.

Two people got all seven answers right this week – Thejaswi Udupa and Crab urinal, whoever that is. Well done, both of you! However, Udupa beat urinal to the answer all but one time. So, presenting the eighth QFI Chennai Super King – Thejaswi Udupa!

Daily Question – 69

Identify the three paintings, recreated using Lego bricks.

The three paintings were (1) ‘Las Meninas’ by Diego Velazquez, (2) ‘The Raft Of The Medusa’ by Theodore Gericault and (3) ‘The Third Of May, 1808’ by Francisco Goya.

Cracked by 18 of you! In order – Sankhya, Sumant, Dinesh, Thejaswi Udupa, zizzyphus, Raghuvansh, Priyambad, bobo, vijaysarathy, navin, Priya, Mc Neill Ivan, Srinivasan Rajagopal, Crab urinal, CR, Ajay Parasuraman, anil raghavan, and citybank(rupt).

Daily Question – 64

Who is depicted in this painting?

Seve Ballesteros, the Spanish golfer.

Cracked by seven of you! In order – Atul Mathew, shafeek, Anil, Prashanth Kumar, Ashwin Kelkar, Mouli, and rajagopal!

No one got all seven answers right this week. And surprisingly, no one got even six. But one person managed to get five right – zizzyphus. Well done! So, here’s presenting the seventh QFI Chennai Super King – zizzyphus!

Daily Question – 43

Portrait of whom, by whom?

Portrait of Claude Monet, by Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

Cracked by 19 people! In order – Thejaswi Udupa, Ram Kumar, Diwakar Pingle, Vivek Cheriyan, ganesh, Giantrun, Thomas Masun, Ashwin, Akila, Vikram788, Mc Neill Ivan S, Rajiv Rai, anil raghavan, citybank(rupt), Apurva, Rohan, BoFi, malcaluffin, and CR.

Daily Question – 26

Connect the four paintings providing necessary names.

The subjects of the four paintings were Ganymede, Europa, Io and Callisto, all lovers of Zeus (Jupiter). They lend their names to the four largest moons of Jupiter, called the ‘Galilean Moons’ as they were discovered by Galileo Galilei.

Cracked by 15 of you! In order – Thomas Masun, Diwakar Pingle, Thejaswi Udupa, CR, vijaysarathy, BoFi, zizzyphus, kasthuri, flashodin, citibank(rupt), ganesh, Vivek Krishnan, Mario, Dinesh and anil raghavan. Well done!