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QFI 569

Identify this show.

This is from a British Talent Show called Over the Rainbow. The winner will get a chance to play Dorothy in the forthcoming Andrew Lloyd Weber production of Wizard of Oz. This was cracked by many.


QFI 567

A simple one today. Connect these images.

Cupcake, Donut,  Eclair and Fro Yo are the names given to the various Google Android Releases. Most of you got this right.

QFI 566


Pic 1 is Billy Beane the Oakland As General Manager and he was the subject of the book ‘Moneyball’.

Pic2 and 3 are Michael Oher and LT respectively. They are the subjects of book ‘The Blind Side. ‘

Both were written by Michael Lewis. Three of you got it right. The rest had’The Blind Side’ which is  not complete.

QFI 565

Identify the audio track and the movie in which it was featured. The original piece is by the man in the visual.

This track is ‘Night On Disco Mountain’ and it was used in the movie Saturday Night Fever. It is based on the composition ‘Night On Bald Mountain‘ by Modest Mussorgsky

Only Vishnu and kapatchoco got this. Bravo!

QFI 564

Connect the two pictures.

A 113 is an easter egg found in many animated movies made by alumni of the CalArts school. It refers to the classroom they used.

The first picture shows the class of 1976. More about this here.

praneet was the only one to get this. Good job!

QFI 563

Simple one for today. Id the monument.

The 2010 Winter Olympics logo, named Ilanaaq the Inukshuk. Cracked by many of you.

QFI 562

Who is this and why was he immortalized in a statue?

All of you got it right. This is Edgar Hernandez aka Patient Zero of the Swine Flu epidemic.