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QFI 569

Identify this show.

This is from a British Talent Show called Over the Rainbow. The winner will get a chance to play Dorothy in the forthcoming Andrew Lloyd Weber production of Wizard of Oz. This was cracked by many.


QFI 563

Simple one for today. Id the monument.

The 2010 Winter Olympics logo, named Ilanaaq the Inukshuk. Cracked by many of you.

QFI 562

Who is this and why was he immortalized in a statue?

All of you got it right. This is Edgar Hernandez aka Patient Zero of the Swine Flu epidemic.

QFI Chennai – 534

Connect the two images and if you have got the connect, tell me why the specific name was chosen ?

QFI Chennai – 529

What is this place? What are these guys doing there?

Ans – Picture taken during Director Shankar’s visit to Stan Winston Studios, which will be doing the animatronics for his next movie Endhiran (starring Rajini).  Andy is the only one who got this completely right.

QFI Chennai – 528

These are not kinky toys. Tell me what they are used for.

Ans – Dowsing is what I was looking for but woenvu is close enough!

QFI Chennai – 527

Who was their most famous victim?

Ans – These girls were behind the ‘Cottingley Fairies’ hoax.  You can read about it here. Their most famous victim was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. 4 of you got it right.