Monthly Archives: December 2013

QFI Mailing List

We will be circulating notifications on upcoming meetings through the QFI mailing list. Membership to this group is free and open to all. Please add yourself at or by sending an email to and following the instructions. You will receive notifications on meetings and details of other upcoming quizzes on the mailing list. Upcoming meeting notifications may be shared on our Facebook page and this blog, but to avoid missing out any meetings, you are requested to subscribe to the mailing list as it is easier for us to post the details on the mailing list and the mailing list will always be up to date. 

Apart from the meeting announcements, if you’d like to receive the questions from the meetings, please subscribe to the members only mailing list which is separate from the QFI announcements mailing list. Please send an email to for details. Membership can be obtained by paying a nominal annual membership fee. Membership is not restricted to residents of Chennai and is open to all, irrespective of their city of residence. Membership fee can be paid by online transfer, or other means. Memberships operate on an annual basis. This means that any subscription will expire at the end of the calendar year (irrespective of when you obtain your subscription) and you can renew your membership at the beginning of the new year when required. (Please note that this membership fee is only for receiving the questions by email and to attend our fortnightly meetings you are not required to pay anything.)