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QFI 546 – Who’s laughing now

If you are squeamish, this is not for you..
For the rest of you, here is a clip from Evil Dead 2. The medical condition that the character here suffers from is named after a classic movie. Identify…

Answer – You have to hand it to everyone who attempted this voluntarily. The answer – Dr. Strangelove Syndrome or the Alien Hand Syndrome – See for more details.

Also, enjoy this clip from Dr. Strangelove –


QFI- 545

Take a look @ this fun video and ID
the piece playing in the background.

Both Chotavakil & Raji have a ear for music! Its the Sabre Dance from the ballet Gayaneh by the Armenian composer Aram Kachaturian.

QFI Post-544

What common link connects these well known writers?

Manish & Yogesh made the right diagnosis. Michael Crichton, Anton Chekhov, Arthur Conan Doyle & Robin Cook were all also qualified medical doctors.

QFI Post-543

What are these people attempting to do?

As many of you mentioned, they are trying to recreate Georges Seurat’s painting “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte.”

QFI Chennai-542

Who designed the original logo/artwork ?
Many of you got it right. Its the original 4.3BSD daemon artwork done by John Lasseter (of Pixar fame)

QFI Chennai-541

What got its name because of this sketch?

T.G. Montgomerie was surveying the mountains of Kashmir. During this survey he saw, in the far distance, a tall and conspicuous mountain in the direction of the Karakorams and immediately named it K1 (‘K’ stands for Karakoram). Later on, it turned out to be the beautiful mountain of Hushe valley in Khaplu area of Baltistan, called Masherbrum by locals. He also saw another tall and dominating summit behind K1 and named it K2, which turned out to be “Chogori”. The name K2, however, still stands.
The visual is Montgomerie’s original sketch in which he applied the notation K2.

Qfi Chennai 540



Answer is Jaron Lanier.

The movie Lawnmower Man, originally supposed to be based entirely on stephen king’s short story, was only slightly related to the short story. It was in part based on jaron lanier, whose company (called VPL) created some of the earliest virtual reality gear – gloves, eyepiece etc.

He also advocated the use of avatars in these VR’s. He is also a founding board member of Second Life.

As a recent interview with him stated, for a white guy in dreads, he has been incredibly productive.

Apologies for the delay in updating the answer to this question.