QFI Chennai – 525


Just connect to a sporting moniker or a person

Answer: The connect was Master Blaster! Answer from Tejas was picture perfect. Just read it.


5 responses to “QFI Chennai – 525

  1. Master Blaster.
    The Graph is the career of Vivian Richards, perhaps the first person who was called Master Blaster.

  2. Master Blaster

  3. Steffi Graf?

  4. Master Blaster – the last pic is the test career graph of Viv Richards

  5. 1. Stevie Wonder’s MasterBlaster Jamming
    2. Master Blaster – the water coaster
    3. Master Blaster – Fictional characters from the 1985 film Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome
    4. Viv Richards’ career performance chart – he was nicknamed Master Blaster

    Connect: Master Blaster