495: Famous creator working on one of his works. Identify both.

494: Doppler effect.


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  1. Alexandre Gustave Eiffel in the interior of The Statue of Liberty

  2. auguste bartholdi working on the statue of liberty

  3. eiffel with statue of liberty torch ?

  4. Bartholdi working on the Statue of Liberty

  5. Bartholdi working on the Statue of Liberty

  6. hmmmm. is this bartholdi and stat of liberty?

  7. Waldorf T. Flywheel

    bartholdi and statue of liberty

  8. Gustave Eiffel and Statue of Liberty

  9. Statue of Liberty – Bartholdi

  10. pooja narayanan

    Gustave Eiffel – The art in progress is Statue of Liverty – the left arm that holds the inscribed tablet