482: Who wrote this letter, about what? (Direct link to the image for best visual quality.)


481: Storyboard for Pather Panchali, drawn by Satyajit Ray.


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  1. Philip K Dick on the movie Blade Runner

  2. i… will guess PKD about blade runner?

  3. Sci-fi author, Philip K. Dick on BLADE RUNNER

  4. Pooja Narayanan

    Philip K. Dick author of science fiction like VALIS , Man in the High Castle etc wrote this about the movie Blade Runner which was adopted from abook of his .. Androids dream of electric sheep – if I am correct.

  5. Philip K Dick

  6. Philip K Dick, about Bladerunner.

  7. I wrote this one to those bozos after they decided to make a movie titled “Blade Runner” which was based on my novel Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep. :D