Monthly Archives: November 2009


500: Identify this structure and elaborate the story behind it. (The third photograph is the location where the structure might be found.)

499: Paraphrasing one of the correct answers – Statue of Mahatma Gandhi at Gandhi Square in Johannesburg. One of the few statues (perhaps only one) that depict Gandhi – not as the world usually remembers him, as a saint in loincloth, but as a gowned young barrister, trained in London, practicing law in Johannesburg and Capetown.



499: What is the significance of this statue?

498: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, written by James Thurber


498: Identify the book from the cover. (The author is featured on the magazine cover.)

497: Jean Nicot, the French diplomat who brought back tobacco plants from Portugal to France. The tobacco plant was named Nicotiana in his honour, as is nicotine.


497: Connect.

496: Quoting one of the correct answers, Close-Up (pic 1), the 1990 movie directed by Abbas Kiarostami (pic 3) tells a story of the real life trial of a man who impersonated film maker Mohsen Makhmalbaf (pic 2), conning a family into believing they would star in his new film. Interestingly Makhmalbaf appears as himself in the film and confronts the con artist.


496: Spin a yarn.

495: Bartholdi, the Statue of Liberty.


495: Famous creator working on one of his works. Identify both.

494: Doppler effect.


494: Connect.

493: “Rock of Ages” – The popular Christian hymn was supposedly inspired by a gorge in the Mendip Hills in England; the Offspring song starts with a few words of mock German which are in turn sampled from the Def Leppard song, also named “Rock of Ages.” Video here. (Cheesiness alert! :) )