468: Connect.

467: Mitre, the head gear used by clergymen. Lends its name to the mitral valve and inspired the design of the bishop on the chess board.


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  1. jyothiprakash

    The first image is a depiction of the chakravyuha formation in the Mahabharata, that was designed to kill Abhimanyu.
    The second is a snippet from the game Kabaddi, claimed/believed by some to have originated from the chakravyuha.

  2. 1. depiction of Abhimanyu’s Chakravyuha
    2. Kabbadi

    Connect: A theory states that the sport is actually inspired by the way Abhimanyu tried to break the Kaurava formation (Chakravyuha) but failed


  3. Waldorf T. Flywheel


  4. Waldorf T. Flywheel

    Chakravyuh and not a room with a view

  5. Kabaddi – said to have been inspired from chakravyuha in Mahabharata.

  6. Chakravyuh and Kabbadi. Kabbadi is supposed to be inspired by the concept of Chakravyuh.