Monthly Archives: October 2009


474: Connect.

473: Possible origins for the expression “bone up” meaning “to study”. There are explanations which involve the use of bones to polish leather and the popularity of Bohn study guides.



473: Two possible origins for a phrase. Explain.

472: Characters on the cartoon “Scooby Doo”


472: These characters from a 1960s sitcom inspired something else. What?


471: “Literally a road of 26 miles 386 yards (42.195 km.), the length of a Marathon which was not standardized until the 1908 Olympic Games in London; this was the distance between the starting-point at Windsor Castle and the finish at White City Stadium.”


471: Question from Gopal. What would connect these two buildings?

470: The comic strip Cathy.


470: The lady with the trophy has a very successful creation, which she named after herself. The image from SNL is a parody of said creation. Name it.

469: The resemblance of members of the British royal family to that of their ancestors. More here.


469: What’s the story?

468: Sculpture depicting the Chakravyuh – it is supposed to have inspired Kabaddi.


468: Connect.

467: Mitre, the head gear used by clergymen. Lends its name to the mitral valve and inspired the design of the bishop on the chess board.