410: What philosophical discipline connects?

409:  Photograph of Qaddafi arriving at Rome’s Ciampino airport in June 2009  – stuck to his right breast was a photograph of Libyan national hero Omar al-Mukhtar, who was executed by Italian colonial authorities in the 1930s. Reportedly, “this had a charming homemade quality, which leads us to suspect that the photograph and botched red frame were knocked up on the flight from Tripoli.”


5 responses to “410

  1. Flipism, where decisions are made based on the flip of a coin.

  2. Decision Making through Coin Flipping

    Life is but a gamble!
    Let Flipism chart your ramble.
    —Flippist slogan, from “Flip Decision”

  3. Dualism/ Duality/ Dwaitha

  4. Some head or tails, coin tossing thing!?

  5. jyothiprakash

    Use of coin flipping to determine the fate of victims & self?
    While Anton chigurh and two-face weighed lives of their victims on the flip of a coin, Unca donald probably uses the result of a coin toss to decide how to proceed, when confronted with a fork in the road.