359: That’s a good bet right there! Explain.

358: Henning Holck-Larsen, cofounder of L & T.


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  1. Pascal’s Wager

  2. Pascal’s Wager

  3. pascal’s wager.

  4. Pascal’s Wager

  5. Lord Labak Das

    Rascal’s wager

  6. Pascal’s Wager. Calvin being smart as always in the first visual and Blaise Pascal himself in the second.

  7. Pascal’s Wager.

    Even though there exists no logical proof for the existense of God, there are more benefits in accepting Him in our daily lives.

  8. Blaise Pascal?A reference to Pascal Wager by Hobbes, wherein a person just assumes that God exists.

  9. Sounds like Rosseau’s argument regarding belief in God.

  10. Make that Pascal. No points of course… I wiki-ed.

  11. pascal’s wager

  12. Pic2 is Pascal who argued that it is economically beneficial to be a theist