351: What are these art works inspired by?


In Spanish football, the Pichichi is the trophy awarded by Spanish sports newspaper Marca to the top goalscorer for each league season. The award is named after the famous Athletic Bilbao player, Rafael Moreno “Pichichi”.

A similar award for goalkeepers is called the Ricardo Zamora Trophy.


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  1. the hokusai mt fuji series ?

  2. The Godfather 2. First one is Fredo Corleone assassinated. Second one is Clemenza.

  3. The Godfather series?

  4. Manish Achuth

    The Godfather.

  5. These are scenes from Godfather II?

    – Apurva

  6. Grandtheft auto just a guess

  7. The Phrancis (not Henry) Phord Cubbola’s no-so-famous movie ‘Appasaamy’

  8. Godfather I & II

  9. Godfather

  10. James Bond story plots? (I notice a typical pistol in each frame)

  11. ramalingaraju@jail.home

    japanese woddcuts

  12. Jyothiprakash

    The godfather?

  13. Godfather?