348: These structures are known by a neologism coined in 1832 by one Robert Murphy, a translator of the British colonial government in India. What?

347: Bholu, Indian Railways


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  1. Manish Achuth

    The Tower of Silence.

  2. Nishanth Raman

    Tower Of Silence

  3. Tower of Silence, the Parsee death place

  4. These towers are used by the people of the Zorastrian faith as the final resting place for the dead.

  5. Tower of Silence

  6. Tower of silence

  7. Towers of Silence

  8. Tower of Silence, used by Zoroastrians for exposure of the dead.

  9. “Tower Of Silence” as possibly this fellow must have translated “doongerwadi” or such a term into Angreyji.

  10. answer-tower of silence

  11. answer-tower of silence

  12. Tower of silence