342: A sleepy town, which became famous during the eighties. The locations in the photograph are named after the town’s claim to fame. Which place? Explain.

341: Ahom dynasty / Assam.


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  1. Where Malgudi Days was pictured, Agumbe Karnataka, I guess.

  2. Nishanth Raman

    Agumbe – Where Malgudi Days(TV version) was shot

  3. Agumbe, place where “Malgudi Days” was shot

  4. G.Sreekanth


  5. Is this Chembakolli, the famous Adivasi revolution of the 1980s happened here and in adjoining Gudulur areas

  6. Coonoor, where Manekshaw settled after retirement

  7. V for Vetti

    Malgudi – The fictional town by R.K.Narayanan

  8. Tirthalli which was the location for portrayal of Malgudi!

  9. To be more precise, Agumbe