332: In 1999, American Heritage magazine rated this man as the “most overrated philanthropist” in American history, arguing that the institution that would later bear his name was successful largely because of the generosity of a man named Jeremiah Dummer, but that the trustees of the school did not want it known by the name “Dummer College”. Name him.

331: Lothal


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  1. Yale and Elihu Yale

    – Apurva

  2. Elihu Yale

  3. Elihu Yale, 2nd Governor of British Madras

  4. Manish Achuth

    Elihu Yale.

  5. Looking at the attire… it is either Harvard or Yale. However, given the Chennai connection, I will go for Yale.

  6. Elihu Yale.From Yale university

  7. Sharath Jose

    elihu yale, the guy after who the yale university is named.

  8. Elihu Yale

  9. Yale

  10. ANSWER-
    – Elihu Yale

  11. chotavakil

    Eli Hu else but Yale an obelisk in whose memory stands in the Chota Vakil’s alma mater.

  12. Elihu Yale

  13. Pooja Narayanan

    Elihu Yale