331: Two conceptions of what the site must have been like and a few photographs of how it looks like today. Which place?

330: Robert Clive.

15 responses to “331

  1. Sharath Jose

    the great bath, from Indus valley civilisation

  2. ramalingaraju@jail.home

    Yoko-no its not mandrake the magician’s buddy
    its Lothal

  3. Karthik Ramgopal


  4. For want of a better answer, Mohendojaro

  5. mostly lothal. if not, dwarka.

  6. Lothal

  7. Lothal

  8. Indus Valley Civilization

  9. Lothal

  10. Tranquebar?

  11. chotavakil

    Lothal in Gujarat

  12. ANSWER-
    – LOTHAL