328: Good that our own MK didn’t get to be President and cause a similiar crisis. What gives?

327: Rabindranath Tagore.

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  1. SA will have 3 first ladies as the president elect has 2 wives and a consort.

  2. Srini Rajagopal

    Jacob Zuma – new president of S.Africa… His 3 living wives (He has 3 more waitingstatus change from fiance to wife)

  3. Raghuvansh

    Jacob Zuma and his many houses – big house, small house, medium house, etc. He can only have one official house for his inauguration and hence has a problem on hand, trying to decide which one.

  4. Wasi Manazir

    SA prez Jacob Zuma, his two wives and a mistress and the media speulation over who will be the first lady!

  5. The first (,second and third) ladies of South Africa..

  6. Jacob Zuma South Africa’s President to be and the three first ladies.

  7. 3 first ladies of South Africa