320: What are these efforts for?
319: Herbert Hoover.

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  1. The Rupee symbol contest?

  2. ramalingaraju@jail.home

    The proposed symbol for the indian rupee

  3. Santhosh Guru

    These are the symbols for INR nominated by Economic Times newspaper to the GoI

  4. To decide on a symbol for the Rupee

  5. Proposed Rupee Symbols.

  6. என். சொக்கன்

    Symbol For Indian Rupee?

  7. Pooja Narayanan

    Creating a key board symbol for the Indian Rupee

  8. Indian Rupee Symbol Efforts

  9. The contenders for the Symbol of the Rupee in the lines of the $ or Pound Mark or The Euro symbol.

  10. prospective rupee symbols.

  11. Mridul Kapoor

    Entries for a contest to design a symbol for Indian Rupee, just like the $ for dollar.

  12. entries for INR symbol contest

  13. New suggested symbols for the rupee

  14. The designs submitted for INR logo, similar to the $ for USD

  15. The are the proposed symbols for Indian Rupee…

  16. A new symbol for the Indian Rupee, just like $ for the US Dollar or the pound symbol

  17. Shubhendu Saha

    Designs for new symbol for Rupee

  18. Creating a symbol for the Indian Rupee

  19. Prospective Rupee Symbols, for the design contest started by GoI.

  20. Ajay Parasuraman

    ‘models’ for new rupee symbol

  21. A symbol for the Rupee. Like $ for Dollar.

  22. entries for the rupee symbol (like euro, dollar, etc)

  23. Designing a standard symbol for the Indian Rupee…

  24. new rupee symbol