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320: What are these efforts for?
319: Herbert Hoover.



319: Bilbo, meet Gandalf. Identify the man with the cigar, seen here in a meeting with Nehru, in his capacity as the Chairman of President Truman’s Famine Emergency Committee. He gives off the appearance of being only slightly smaller than the most famous thing named for him. :)

318: Ipsita Roy Chakraverti, a promoter of Wicca and a self proclaimed witch. The film Sacred Evil was based on her “case files”.


318: Identify the kooky lady and the not-quite-well-received film based on her.

317: Thomas Babington Macaulay, Macaulayism


317: What pejorative term for a policy / way of thought is derived from this man’s name?


316: Shiva Kesavan, first Indian to qualify for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Also happens to be the first Indian to win an international medal in winter sports.


316: First Indian to qualify for a 2010 event. Has a few other achievements too. Who?


315: Libraries in Chennai – Connemara, Devaneya Pavanar and Roja Muthiah.


315: These three people link to Chennai institutions. Identify.

314: Emperor Kanishka – Ganishka from the Japanese series Berserk based on him, the artifact known as the Kanishka casket and a coin bearing his image.


314: Connect.

313: Kalki Krishnamurthy – he named one of his works after the “Poimaan Karadu” – a natural formation near Salem, Tamil Nadu.