289: What is /was the controversy over this sculpture?


288: Mammootty appearing as Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar in the 1998 film.

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  1. Pooja Narayanan

    Two versions exist on what the mural represents – Arjunas penance or Bagirathas penance

  2. Mahabalipuram.
    The origin of the sculpture is the controversy. It is called Arjuna’s penance. But people believe it could be Bhagiratha.

  3. The controversy is over whether this is Arjuna’s Penance or Bhagiratha’s.

  4. This is the famous bas releif commmonly known as Arjuna’s penance at Mammallapuram.
    I dunnno if it can be called a `controversy’ exactly but some junta say that the niche/cleft etc one sees on the left depicts the fall of the Ganga, that the chappie doing said penance is Bhagiratha and so the releif should be called Bhagiratha’s penance.

  5. Arjuna or Bhagiratha?

  6. This is Arjuna’s Penance, a bas-relief in Mahabalipuram. The controversy is this. Some believe that it shows Arjuna undertaking a penance to obtain a rare weapon against his enemies, others believe that it depicts Bhagiratha in penance to bring River Ganges to earth. Still others believe that it represents ‘Serpent Worship’.


  7. On what is depicts… Whether it is Arjuna’s Penance or Bhagiratha’s Penance… Both interpretations have believers…