278: Connect the two films to the gent.

277: Cuttack


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  1. Navin Ragade

    The 1st one is of the movie “Junoon” and the 2nd one is of the movie “The Blue Umbrella”. Both are movies based on the novels by Ruskin Bond who is the gent in the 3rd snap.

  2. Pooja Narayanan

    The gent in pic C is Ruskin Bond. The film in pic b is The Blue Umbrella – a short story written by him. Not sure abt the first one tho’.

  3. Pooja Narayanan

    Is Pic A still from Junoon – based on Ruskin Bonds novel A flight of Pigeons ?

  4. answer-two films were based on ruskin bond’s
    novels.(film junoon by shyam benegal
    was based on ‘a flight of pigeons’ novel
    by ruskin bond.)

  5. Ruskin Bond – Junoon based on A Flight of Pigeons and The Blue Umbrella

  6. Shubhendu Saha

    Junoon and Blue Umbrella are based on Ruskin Bond’s Books

  7. Both movies based on Ruskin bond’s stories

  8. Films by Ruskin Bond

  9. …or rather, films based on works by Ruskin Bond.

  10. junoon based on the ruskin bond novel flight of pigeons and blue umbrella based on a novel of the same name.
    connect-ruskin bond

  11. The gebt is Ruskin Bond and the phillums are based on his stories – Shyam Benegal’s “Junoon” was based on “A Flight of Pigeons” while “The Blue Umbrella” was based on the eponymous story.

  12. Movies based on books by Ruskin Bond ? The 1st pic is a still from Junoon based on the book A flight of Pigeons. The 2nd i dunno… Laarins Sahib or Blue Umbrella or some such phillum I havent seen.

  13. Nishanth Raman

    Junoon(Shyam Benegal) and Chatri Chor(Vishal Bharadwaj) were movies based on Ruskin Bond novels(A Flight Of Pigeons and The Blue Umbrella)

  14. a. The Shyam Benegal movie Junoon – Based on a Ruskin Bond short story – a flight of pigeons

    b. Vishal Bharadwaj’s Blue Umbrella – Based on a Ruskin Bond book of the same name

    c. The gent is Ruskin Bond

  15. Ruskin Bond’s ‘A Flight of Pigeons’ and ‘A Blue Umbrella’ were adapted into the films Junoon (L) and The Blue Umbrella (C).

  16. ramalingaraju@jail.home

    the name’s Bond… Ruskin Bond.
    what if he married brooke shields?
    you would have have rusk -in- brooke bond

  17. First one is a scene from Junooon. Second one is from Blue Umbrella. Both are written by Ruskin Bond.

  18. Siddharth Jain

    Junoon, based on the the Flight of Pigeons
    The Blue Umbrella, based on the story by the same name
    -both written by Ruskin Bond

  19. name is Bond, Ruskin Bond

    Junoon was based on his short story ‘The flight of pigeons’

    – Apurva

  20. Indian novels being made into movies:

    1. Shatranj ke Khiladi
    2. Blue Umbrella…being made into a movie by Vishal B
    3. Ruskin Bond author of the book in #2.

  21. Pic 1 is a still from the movie Junoon, directed by Shyam Benegal.

    Pic 2 is a still from the movie Blue Umbrella, directed by Vishal Bharadwaj

    Pic 3 is Ruskin Bond, who wrote “A Flight of Pigeons” and “Binya’s Blue Umbrella” upon with Junoon and Blue Umbrella were based on, respectively.

  22. The first visual is from the film Junoon and the second from the movie The Blue Umbrella. Both these are based on novels by Ruskin Bond (the gentleman in the 3rd visual)

  23. Junoon, Blue Umbrella, Ruskin Bond.