269: Identify the place from the painting and the present day photograph.


268: The Panj Piare.


9 responses to “269

  1. jamie jamboree

    Tranquebar – no better place to get drunk!

  2. The Fort Dansborg in Tharangambadi (once called Tranquebar) in Tamil Nadu. This was one of the Dutch colonies in India.

  3. Nishanth Raman

    Fort Dansborg at Tharangambadi (or Tranquebar), Tamil Nadu.

  4. Tranquebar/Tharangambadi.

  5. ramalingaraju@jail.home

    Could you find out and let me know if the jail at the Tranqubar fort has a sea-view?If so, I’d like to apply for a transfer.

  6. Tarangambadi (Tranquebar), Tamilnadu

  7. Tranquebar Fort, Tamil nadu

  8. Tharangampadi or Tranquebar.