261: A number of people have achieved what they’ve done. They are scientists who have achieved this feat. Explain.

261260: The Non-Alligned Movement. (Symbol and member states as of 2007.)

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  1. Nishanth Raman

    They all have won the Padma Awards(Shri, Bhushan, Vibhushan)

  2. MS Swaminathan, Raja Ramanna, Anil kakodkar and K Kasturirangan – Padma Vibhushan maybe?

  3. Scientists that are ramon magsaysay Award winners

  4. 1. MS Swaminathan & 4. Kastuirangan

    => Padma Vibhushan?

  5. Guru_Ghantal

    Chairman, Board of Governors, IIT Bombay?

  6. recepients of all the 3 padma awards.

  7. answer-padma shri awardees

  8. they all have won Padma Vibhushan awards.