256: What used to be here, supposedly?


255: PC Mahalanobis and the ISI, Calcutta.


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  1. Shubhendu Saha


  2. peacock throne?

  3. Nishanth Raman

    The Peacock Throne?

  4. peacock throne

  5. Ajay Parasuraman

    hazrat ki baal?

  6. The Peacock throne…

  7. Diwan -e- Aam during Akbar’s time.

  8. Diwani-i-am in the Agra fort where the emperor used to address the public.

  9. ramalingaraju@jail.home

    Peacock Throne.
    And what do you mean it used to be there?
    My CFO’s ancestors used to work for the Mughal Emperors and according to the their records its still there (its actually the bench below)

  10. The Peacock Throne

    The pic is of the Diwan-i-Am

  11. peacock throne
    – Apurva