225: Some place, as seen from some place else. Name both.


224: Oliver Winchester and the IBM 3340 Storage system – the system was codenamed Winchester after the Winchester 30-30 rifle because it was originally supposed to have two removable 30 megabyte modules. Winchester drive became a generic term for hard drives.


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  1. Dover, as seen from Calais (on either side of the English Channel)

  2. Those look like chalk cliffs in the distance, so I guess it’s Dover from Calais, i.e. the view across the Channel.

  3. The White Cliffs of Dover, England, as seen from Cap Gris Nez, France, the only part of England visible from continental Europe.

  4. Looks like the white cliffs of Dover in the distance so i will guess the English Channel from the Calais side .

  5. Siddharth Jain

    White cliffs of Dover as seen from Cap Gris Nez