217: Isaac Asimov created the Foundation series, inspired by “The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” by Edward Gibbon.

218: Yet another question from the legal eagle. Identify this district.


13 responses to “218

  1. Gorkha District, Nepal

  2. Gorkha

  3. gorkha from which we get the many “bahadur” watchmen of india.. who watches the bahadurs?

  4. Gorkha District of the Ghandaki Zone

  5. gorkha district

  6. gorkha district – red region
    ghandaki zone – grey region

  7. The Gorkha District

  8. gorkha district

  9. Gorkha

  10. Gorkha district, Nepal

  11. Gorkha district in Nepal

  12. Gorkha

  13. gorkha district