203: Gericault’s “The Raft of the Medusa.”

204: Puchi-Puchi! The most stress relief you can find in a calendar. How so?



4 responses to “204

  1. the picture shows the 2009 bubble calendar which has bubbles to pop every day.this supposedly puts our practice of popping plastic bubbles to a useful purpose by releaving stress.
    and also plastic bubbles are called puchi-puchi.
    The calendar is fully functional, with days of the week and all major U.S. holidays marked and weekends bolded for easy reference. The calendars make a big statement at 48″ tall x 18″ wide.

  2. bubble bursting calendar burst each day as it passes by..

  3. This is that calendar with bubble-wrap, so people addicted to bubble-wrap popping for stress relief/other reasons can pop one a day.

  4. I am guessing
    “Squash A Bug A Day calendar” … The gory equivalent of the pop-a-bubble- wrap-a-day calendar