200: Carmina Burana, also known as the Burana Codex, found in 1803 in the Bavarian monastery of Benediktbeuern. Between 1935 and 1936 German composer Carl Orff set 24 of the poems to new music, also called Carmina Burana.

201: What word for trickery is derived from what you see in the photograph? The root word is said to have derived from the game shown in the picture.


9 responses to “201

  1. is it “Crooked”

  2. chicanery will be my guess

    – Apurva

  3. must be chicanery?

  4. Chicanery, chicane etc etc.

  5. Chicane – A curve on a roadway [ or a movable barrier of sorts ]
    And croquet was derived from a game called Chicane, where cheating was of paramount importance

  6. Chicane / Chicanery.

    I have no idea about the game funda

  7. Chicanery from Chicane!

  8. Chicanery