197: Isaac Asimov.

198: Connect the painter, the writers and the composer.


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  1. The excruciatingly slow moving films of Andrei Tarkovsky
    St.Andrei Rublev – Andrei Rublev
    Stanislaw Lem inspired Solaris
    Strugatsky brothers Roadside Picnic – Stalker
    Maxim Berezovsky – Nostalghia

  2. Andrey Tarkovsky’s movies/movie themes.He made movies based Stanislaw Lem’s Solaris, Arkady and Boris Strugatsky’s Piknik na Obochine(movie was called Stalker), Andrei Rublev – movie based on the russian painter who painter the painting shown here , and Nostalghia was based on a author researching the russian composer Maksym Sozontovych Berezovsky.

  3. Chotta Vakil’s favourite director:Andrei Tarkovsky