Steely Dan think their song “Cousin Dupree” was misappropriated to make the movie “You, Me and Dupree.” Read their hilarious letter here.

What’s a Canadian mathematician got to do with that muddy thing?


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  1. John Charles Fields and the second pic i’m guessin to be connected with Archimedes – may be archimedean screw.
    On the obverse of the Field’s Medal is Archimedes.

  2. 1. JC Fields
    2. Archimedes Screw

    Connect: Fields Medal bears a potrait of Archimedes

  3. John Charles Fields
    The other picture is that of archimedes screw
    Fields medal which is awarded in Fields’ honour;has a potrait of archimedes

  4. JC Fields ->Fields medal -> Archimedes face + Tomb+Quote. Mud thing-> Archimedes screw.

  5. fields of fields medal fame&archimedes screw.fields medal has archimedes on one side

    anil raghavan

  6. John Charles Fields – in whose memory Fields medal was instituted (or, probably he himself instituted it)

    Clay – Clay foundation, which has instituted a million dollar prize to anyone who solves a “millennium problem”

    Basically the connect is: mathematical awards

  7. 1. John Charles Fields
    2. Ceramic Archimedes Screw
    Fields Medal – founded by John Fields and has Archimedes’ face on one side.

  8. John Charles Fields.. So i’m guessing the fields medal

  9. Karthik Ramgopal

    1. John Charles Fields.
    2. Circumscribed Cylinder

    The link is Archimedes??

    The Fields medal for mathematics is named in honor of John Charles Fields. It has the image of Archimedes on one side of the medal.

    Archimedes determined the relationship between a sphere and a circumscribed cylinder.

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