Hansa Wadkar, Smitha Patil playing her in Shyam Benegal’s Bhumika.

Three black reinventions of what?


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  1. Nishanth Raman

    Great Expectations, by Dickens.

  2. The three black renditions of the musical Carmen.

  3. All adaptations of Carmen, the Opera
    Pic 1 – Carmen Jones
    Pic 2 – Carmen a hipopera
    Pic 3 – Some South African operatic movie based on Carmen.

  4. Georges Bizet’s Carmen.

  5. 1. 1954 version of Carmen, Carmen Jones

    2. 2001, Carmen, A Hip Hopera

    3. 2005 U-Carmen Ekhayelitsha, set in South Africa

  6. Remakes of Bizet’s 1875 opera Carmen.

  7. Carmen, the opera.

  8. 1. Camren Jones starring Harry Belafonte & Dorothy Dandridge.

    2. Carmen: A Hip Hopera starring Mekhi Phifer & Beyonce Knowles.

    3. U-Carmen eKhayelitsha starring Lungelwa Blou & Pauline. Malefane

    Three different remakes of 1943 Broadway musical Camren Jones, which in turn is a remake of 1875 French Opera Carmen (which is inspired by an 1845 novel Carmen by Prosper Merimee).

  9. Bizet’s “Carmen”

  10. These are adaptations of Carmen , a French opéra by Georges Bizet.

  11. Carmen, the french comedic opera

  12. Nishanth Raman

    Oops.. Its Carmen..

  13. all adaptations of Carmen

  14. Georges Bizet’s ‘Carmen’

  15. “Bizet’s opera”
    Carmen Jones
    Carmen: Hip Hopera
    Pauline Malefane(Third Pic – Name is written)