Quoting Srini,

“The inspiration for the straight to DVD titles of Futurama

– Beast with a Billion Backs from ‘Beast with two backs’ – a quote from Othello
– Benders Game from Enders Game
– Into the Wild green yonder from the Wild Blue Yonder
– Bender’s Big Score from Shaft’s Big Score”

Cryptic references to this pub and this object appear in a popular song. Explain.



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  1. Pop Goes The Weasel. “In and out the Eagle” supposedly refers to the Eagle pub. Another explanation says the weasel is a reference to the spinner’s weasel and that the song itself refers to the monotony of a textile industry job.

  2. Pop goes the weasel
    The Eagle pub in Cambridge and spinner’s weasel.

  3. pop goes the weasel

  4. The “Song” :
    The nursery rhyme : Pop Goes The Weasel

    Weasel is the spinning wheel is which makes a sound…
    The pub must be the Eagle mentioned in the rhyme

  5. Nishanth Raman

    The song being Whiskey In The Jar, and that is the pub referenced in that.

  6. Karthik Ramgopal

    Pop goes the weasel

  7. Pop goes the weasel.

  8. Pop goes the weasel
    The eagle pub were the lines are written,the loom shuttle that is mentioned in the poem

    anil raghavan

  9. Pop goes the weasel

  10. Pop Goes The Weasel