Daily Question – 156

Books by Malcolm Gladwell – The Tipping Point, Blink and Outliers.

An amusing theory, on the origin of what?



30 responses to “Daily Question – 156

  1. the answer is google chrome

  2. Google Chrome

  3. fairly easy. the famous evolution of google’s chrome browser.

    federico’s name is way too much of a clue guys :)

  4. Mc Neill Ivan S

    Chrome web browser.

  5. Microsoft’s fluttering flag has been rolled into a Google Chrome browser’s ball.

  6. Google chrome logo

  7. Chrome logo

  8. Google Chrome

  9. google+microsoft=chrome
    anil raghavan

  10. Chrome logo

  11. The google chrome logo.

  12. The Google Chrome browser.

  13. Google chrome logo

  14. google chrome logo.

  15. The Logo of Google Chrome?

  16. Chrome :)

  17. Karthik Ramgopal

    Google Chrome

  18. Google Chrome logo.. nice one

  19. Google Chrome

  20. google chrome logo…from the windows ‘un.