Daily Question – 154

Ralph Nelson Elliott and Nikolai Kondratiev who have lent their names to the Elliott wave and the Kondratiev wave – ways of looking at business and economic cycles.

Intensity versus magnitude. Explain.



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  1. Giuseppe Mercalli developed the Mercalli Scale intensity scale which is used for measuring the intensity of an earthquake.

    Charles Richter developed the Richter Scale for measuring the amplitude of an earthquake.

  2. Giuseppe Mercalli and Charles Richter.
    Mercalli intensity scale and Richter magnitude scale.

  3. Mercalli, whose Mercalli scale is used to measure intensity of earthquakes and Richter, whose eponymous scale is used to measure quake magnitude.

  4. citybank(rupt)

    Mercalli and richter scales

  5. magnitude==Richter.

  6. Haha.. Good one Richter nd Mercalli
    earthquake measuring scales

  7. Guiseppe Mercalli and Charles Richter – the Mercalli and Richter Scales for measuring Earthquake intensity named after them.

    The Mercalli Scale measures intensity of an earthquake, while the Richter scale measures magnitude of the earthquake.

  8. guiseppe mercalli&charles richter
    measurement of earthquakes

    anil raghavan

  9. Mercalli – Intensity
    Richter – Magnitude