Daily Question – 136

Iftikhar Ali Khan Pataudi.

This is Sir Neville Francis Fitzgerald Chamberlain, the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography has the following about a famous claim that he had.
“While serving at Jubbulpore in 1875 Chamberlain developed a new variation of black pool by introducing coloured balls into the game. It was dubbed ______ a derogatory nickname given to first-year cadets studying at the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich that Chamberlain had heard about from a young Royal Artillery subaltern visiting the mess. Chamberlain later retorted to a fellow player who had failed to pot a coloured ball: ‘Why, you’re a regular ________’. While explaining the term to his fellow officers Chamberlain, to mollify the officer concerned, remarked that they were all ‘_____ at the game’ and the name _______ or _______’s pool immediately stuck.”

Fill in the blank.


25 responses to “Daily Question – 136

  1. The term is snooker

  2. Snooker

  3. Snooker

  4. snooker

  5. When i was in Coimbatore…. my friend Thomas Masun told me to stop watching Jenna Jameson movies and develop some healthy interests instead. For instance, he said, why not take up Snooker ?

  6. Snooker

  7. It’s Snooker !

  8. citybank(rupt)


  9. Ashwin Kelkar

    This sounds like “Snooker”.

  10. snooker

    anil raghavan

  11. Snooker !

  12. Manish Achuth


  13. Snooker.

  14. Snooker

  15. Snooker

  16. Snooker

  17. Snooker
    and Snooker’s pool

  18. Ajay Parasuram