Daily Question – 129

Answer to 128: The aerial walkway between the Petronas Towers.

Who / Where?


18 responses to “Daily Question – 129

  1. Murali Duggineni

    Sri Krishnadevaraya with his consorts at the Lord Vekateswara Temple, Tirupathi.

  2. citybank(rupt)

    I remember that the finals of the Kochi round of Young World was fast approaching. Thomas Masun was nervous as he did not have time to prepare for the quiz(he had gone to malayasia for 10 days as a part of winning the Asianet quiz for Young Achievers of Kochi-see previous question on Petronas for more info). So he decided to go in for divine help and asked me to get him a laddu from Tirupati hoping that the prasadam would help him do well in the quiz. While standing in the Q for the laddu, I came across these idols and took their pic. I went back to Kochi and gave Thomas the laddu and showed him this pic and his face lit up and he answered-Krishnadeva Raya and his wives. He was back to his confident self and with the laddu there was no stopping him….

  3. Krishnadevaraya,Vijayanagar Emperor and his wives Chinna Devi and Tirumala Devi at Tirupati.

  4. Thejaswi Udupa

    Mr. KD Raya and his wives.

  5. Krishnadevarayalu, Chinnamadevi, Tirumaladevi at Tirupathi Devasthana

  6. anon-on-narkotix

    krishna, chinnama devi and tirumala devi at tirupati

  7. angkor wat

  8. Chinnamadevi, Sri Krishna Devaralu, Tirumala Devi @ Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam

  9. Pooja Narayanan

    Thirupati temple. The Raja (Krishna Deva Raya ?) with his consorts ( Thirumala Devi & Chinnadevi ?)

  10. Krishnadavaraya with his wives Tirumala Devi and Chinna Devi at Tirupati

  11. Krishnadevaraya and his queens – Chinna Devi and Tirumala Devi at the Tirupati temple

  12. Sri Krishna Deva Raya(1509-1530 AD) Emperor of Vijayanagar, and his queensTirumala Devi to his left, and Chinna Devi to his right. The
    Krishna Raya Mandapam or Pratima Mandapam, in the main temple complex, is named after him

  13. Sri Krishna Deva Ray Emperor of Vijayanagar, and his queensTirumala Devi to his left, and Chinna Devi to his rightat Tirumala Tirupati Devasthannam

  14. answer-krishnadevaraya and his two wives statues in tirupati venkateshwara temple.

  15. Sri Krishnadevaraya / Tirupati

  16. chinnamadevi,krishnadevaraya,tirumaladevi at tirupati

    anil raghavan

  17. Krishna Deva Raya and his wives at Thirupathi Temple.

  18. If I am allowed to correct myself..

    My dad tells me that these are the idols of Chinnamadevi, Krishnadevarayulu and Tirumaladevi @ Venky’s Temple in Tirupati