Daily Question – 128

Yesterday’s answer: Lithuanian National basketball team for the 1992 Olympics, sponsored by the Grateful Dead.

Where would you be if you were here?


27 responses to “Daily Question – 128

  1. Between the two Petronas Towers

  2. Is this the Petronas Towers?

  3. Thejaswi Udupa

    Between towers, the Petronas.

  4. The skybridge between the Petronas Twin towers?

  5. Skybridge of the Petronas Towers.

  6. Murali Duggineni

    1 Infinite Loop Cupertino, headquarters of Apple :)

  7. The Bridge connecting Petronas Twin Towers?

  8. Petronas towers, kuala lumpur. This the skybridge that links the two towers

  9. petronas towers?

  10. Petronas Twin Towers

  11. Between one Petronas Tower and the other?

  12. Eejee! This is the skywalk between the two towers of the Petronas Twin Towers in KL.

  13. Pettronas towers skybridge

  14. Inside the connector between the two Petronas towers.

  15. citybank(rupt)

    Petronas tower.
    Thomas Masun had showed me a picture of this when he had gone to KL as a part of” Kochi young achievers” team. He had won the trip as a prize as he had answered a question on Asianet which showed this building in MI-3 and asked for its name. Chacko , who came in 2nd, got a pass to go to Veegaland with one free icecream cone.

  16. Petronas towers, KL; Malaysia

  17. Walking from one Petronas Tower to the other…

  18. Petronas Towers Skybridge

  19. jamie jamboree the bengalee

    CDG airport, Paris

  20. On Rising Sun, Larry Ellison’s Yacht

  21. petronas towers

  22. The skybridge between the Petronas twin towers.

  23. Petronas twin towers

  24. anon-on-narkotix

    the skybridge on the petronas towers

  25. Vikram Shashi Mohan

    somewhere between the two Petronas towers?

  26. Petronas Tower. It is the Skybridge that connects the two towers.


  27. anil raghavan

    skybridge of petronas towers,kualalampur