Daily Question – 127

Who are these people? Who sponsored their colourful outfits?

13 responses to “Daily Question – 127

  1. Lithuanian National basketball team for the 1992 Olympics. Sponsored by the Grateful Dead.

    Thank you for leaving “Property Of Lithuania Basketball” on the white t-shirts :P

  2. Dear Uncle:

    What a bunch of deadbeats. This is the Lithuanian basketball team, and their uniforms were sponsored (and apparently even designed during an acid trip by) the Grateful Dead.

    Kind regards
    Thomas Masun

  3. Thejaswi Udupa

    The Lithuanian Olympic basketball team of the 90s. Grateful Dead.

  4. Lithuanian Basketball Team – Grateful Dead
    1992 Barcelona Olympics.

  5. Lithuanian Olympics basketball team shirts sponsored by Grateful dead.

  6. Grateful dead and the lithuanian basketball team

  7. grateful dead and the lithuanian basketball team

  8. anon-on-narkotix

    the Lithuanian team, sponsored by the Grateful Dead

  9. It was a Lithuanian team sponsored by the Grateful Dead.

  10. The lithuanian Basketball team of ’92 and ’96, with tie-dyed costumes sponsored by the Grateful Dead.

  11. The Lithuanian basketball team who ,in 1992, were sponsored by Grateful Dead.


  12. anil raghavan

    The lithuanian basketball team with T shirts sponsored by greatful dead

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