Daily Question – 124

Today’s question is from Shiv.

Samuel Maverick was one of the signatories of the Texas Declaration of Independence and famous for not branding his cattle – an act which is said to be the origin of the word ‘maverick’ as it is used today. His grandson Maury Maverick was a 2 term Democratic Member of the House of Representatives and served in the Roosevelt Administration on the Smaller War Plants Corporation. What word did he coin in frustration at the bureaucratic language he encountered in Washington?

Answer – Gobbledygook.


30 responses to “Daily Question – 124

  1. Dear Uncle:

    The answer is “gobbledygook.”

    Kind regards,
    Thomas Masun

  2. Murali Duggineni


  3. Gobbledegook

  4. Eminently gook-leable. The term would be gobbledygook.

  5. The liberal from the conservatives :-) coined the word Gobbledygook. The bureaucratic language hint in the question helped :-)

  6. The term is- “gobbledygook”.


  7. Gobbledygook

  8. Lord Labak Das

    Filibuster ?

  9. gobbledygook

  10. goobledygook

  11. Gobbledygook”

  12. Gobbledygook. Easily wikiable.

  13. Goobledegook?

  14. he came p with the term gobbledygook ?

  15. Goobledegook

  16. Gobbledygook.

    Has to be the most easily Wiki-able question ever asked on this blog.

  17. gobbledygook

  18. Gobbel di gook.

  19. JJB the Ju Ju Bee

    gobbledygook. can we go back to questions that are impossible to answer, please?

  20. Pooja Narayanan


  21. gobbledygook :D

  22. I think Shiv is techno-challenged. Why else would he frame a question that is so easily Gobbledygookable..eh.. sorry googleable?
    His browser has the NYT homepage as its only entry in the Bookmarks menu and check out the Week in review for last week!thats where he got this question :-)

  23. Gobbledygook.. I think I asked this question at QFI..

  24. Gobbledygook

  25. Thejaswi Udupa