Daily Question – 122

What? Where?

The Paradesi Synagogue, the oldest synagogue in the Commonwealth of Nations, in Kochi.


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  1. Even though hovering the mouse over the first pic reveals the answer ,it is fairly superfluous to answer this simplest of all qfi questions-
    Paradesi Synagogue or Cochin Jewish Synagogue or the Mattancherry Synagogue.

  2. Anirudh Patil

    i am guessing this has something to do with saint alphonsa.. something to do with her miracles??

  3. Its the Synagogue in Mattancherry, near Kochi. It was built in 1568, the oldest known Synagogue in the commonwealth countries.

  4. Is it Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion Bedrooms?

  5. Paradesi Synagogue a.k.a Cochin Jewish/Mattancherry Synagogue, located in Mattancherry Cochin.

    I went there last October!!

    A very serene atmosphere which sends you back into a different age.

  6. Dutch Palace in Mattancherry?

  7. Paradesi Synagogue



  8. India’s oldest synagogue – the Pardesi Synagogue in Cochin.

  9. Paradesi Synagogue in Cochin

  10. JJB the Ju Ju Bee

    paradesi synagogue, fort kochi. or is there more to the question?

  11. These are the two bimahs and the Belgian Chandeliers of the Paradesi Synagogue in Kochi. This is supposedly the oldest synagogue in the commonwealth.

  12. Belgian glass chandeliers in the Paradesi synagogue (aka Mattancherry synagogue) in Cochin.

  13. The Paradesi Synagogue the oldest synagogue located in Kochi, Kerala

  14. When i was in Coimbatore i went to meet my friend Thomas Masun in Kerala . He told me i simply had to check out Jew Town in Mattancherry,Kochi more particularly the Jewish synagogue .Thats how i know that this is the Paradesi synagogue aka the Jewish Synagogue in Kochi.The floor is made up of blue tiles from China each one of which has a distinct seperate design.

  15. The Paradesi Synagogue, at Mattancherry, Cochin.
    The oldest synagogue in India (Maybe even Asia).

  16. Pardesi Synagogue in Cochin.

  17. Pallavi Mohanty

    Pardesi Synagogue, Kochi

  18. Paradesi Synagogue, Kochi