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Daily Question – 139

The connection is the star cluster Pleiades – the Subaru logo depicts the six stars of the Pleiades cluster that are usually visible from earth with the unaided eye. Lord Murugan is connected to the Pleiades through various origin stories in Hindu mythology and he is supposed to derive his name Karthikeya from the name of the Pleiades – Krittika or Kartika.

What is the name of this mock Native American artwork?


Daily Question – 138

The Bich pen and the Puck Man video game were both renamed in order to avoid possible mispronunciation / misspelling.


Daily Question – 137


What connects the naming of these two things?

Daily Question – 136

Iftikhar Ali Khan Pataudi.

This is Sir Neville Francis Fitzgerald Chamberlain, the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography has the following about a famous claim that he had.
“While serving at Jubbulpore in 1875 Chamberlain developed a new variation of black pool by introducing coloured balls into the game. It was dubbed ______ a derogatory nickname given to first-year cadets studying at the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich that Chamberlain had heard about from a young Royal Artillery subaltern visiting the mess. Chamberlain later retorted to a fellow player who had failed to pot a coloured ball: ‘Why, you’re a regular ________’. While explaining the term to his fellow officers Chamberlain, to mollify the officer concerned, remarked that they were all ‘_____ at the game’ and the name _______ or _______’s pool immediately stuck.”

Fill in the blank.

Daily Question – 135

The Brain Fever Bird, also the name of a book by I. Allan Sealy.

This man was the only cricketer to represent both England and India in Test cricket. He was also supposedly part of the Indian hockey team for the 1928 Olympics. Name him.

Daily Question – 134

“Officers and Sepoys”, a board game, a variation on Fox & Geese introduced in the 1860s to play on the hype of the 1857 war.

This is the common hawk cuckoo, also known as the papeeha, which was given a very evocative nickname. What name? The writer pictured here wrote a book with the same name.

Daily Question – 133

132: The picture is of the stretch of Michigan Avenue in front of the Art Institute in downtown Chicago that also has the honorary name “Swami Vivekananda Way” to commemorate his famous speech to the Parliament of the World’s Religions there.

This is a game dating back to the 1850s/60s. What is it about? Who were the players?

An update about tomorrow’s QFI meeting: Our quiz master for tomorrow, CK (Karthik Chandrasekhar) plans to have a prelim followed by a final. So please be on time and do bring pen and paper.

Details of the meeting (Sent out earlier by Gopal)

Date – 26th October, 2008 (Sunday)

Time – 10 AM

Venue – PS Senior Secondary School, # 33, Alarmelmangapuram,
Mylapore, Chennai 600 004