Daily Question – 98

Today’s question is from Vijay Sarathy. Whose statue is this?

Answer: Momofuku Ando, the inventor of instant noodles. (In this picture he can be seen holding up a pack of noodles and standing on a “cup o’ noodles” pack.)

Cracked by five of you.


8 responses to “Daily Question – 98

  1. Percy spencer showing a bar of chocolate that melted in his pocket that inspired the invention of the microwave

  2. Dear Annachi,

    This is Momofuku Ando, founder of Nissin (of instant noodals and cup noodals fame).

  3. Ah, finally – something crackable :)

    Momofuku Ando

  4. A for Anonymous

    Momofuku Ando – inventor of instant ramen. (Nissin foods – Top Ramen )

  5. Momofuku Ando

  6. Dear Uncle,

    When I first saw the statue, the name that sprang to mind was ‘Raman’.

    And then I realized that I was thinking of ‘Ramen’. This is Momofoku Ando uncle, who invented instant noodles.

    I remember Vinod uncle had asked a question about him in last year’s QFI Open.

    Vinod uncle sets nice questions — always gettable, and very well framed. Plus I have heard from many women that he is a total stud in bed. Even better than Samanth uncle. Kudos to him.

    Kind Regards,
    Thomas Masun

  7. Milton Friedman?