Daily Question – 97


Answer: This is supposed to be a death mask of Napoleon. Cracked by six of you.


10 responses to “Daily Question – 97

  1. Dear Uncle:

    This is the death mask of Napoleon Bonaparte Uncle.


    Kind Regards,
    Thomas Masun

  2. Napolean’s Death mask

  3. This is the face cast of a famous person – Marlon Brando probably.

  4. Napole0n’s Death mask

  5. Dear Annachi,

    Finally a question that will be cracked by makkal! This is a bronze casting of Napoleon’s death mask. By Napoleon, I mean Bonaparte of course, not the one in Dasavathaaram and Pokkiri – for the latter is unfortunately not dead yet.

    This mask however is the subject of much debate – it is often said to be a spurious item (like Ilaya Thalapathi fans) or worse, the death mask of Napoleon annachi’s velaikaaran and not of the thalaivar himself.

  6. Napolean’s death mask.

  7. napoleon death mask

  8. Looks a bit like Dwayne Johnson but I’m not sure what it is. :)