Daily Question – 87

What is this object called? Where would you see something like this?

This is a Sporran, a part of the tradition Scottish Highland dress. It is worn on a chain or belt around the waist, allowing the sporran to lie below the waist of the person wearing a kilt. Since the traditional kilt does not have pockets, the sporran serves as a wallet and container for any other necessary personal items (such as a hip-flask).

15 of you have spent far too long staring at the crotches of Scotsmen. In order – Thomas Masun, Thejaswi Udupa, sueibo, CR, vijay, Sumant, Raghuvansh, Pooja Narayanan, zizzyphus, Vikram Vasu, Dibyo, Priya, Ashwin Kelkar, Srinivasan Rajagopal, and Ananth.


19 responses to “Daily Question – 87

  1. Dear Uncle:

    This is a sporran, which you see hanging around the groins of Scots men, over their kilts. It was originally intended to serve as a sort of wallet for these men, who didn’t have pockets in their kilts.

    Kind regards,
    Thomas Masun

  2. Thejaswi Udupa

    A sporran worn by Scots

  3. sporran – on a kilt.

  4. looks like some viking accessory dunno what it is called though

  5. a sporran (purse).. on a scotsman’s crotch.. for him to collect flowers and walk through wooshing his kilt through the highlands.

  6. it’s called a sporran, and u’d see it on a scot. i’m wondering if this is something specific, because the thistle thing looks oddly like the britannica symbol. so if the encyclopaedia people hired bagpipers, these’d be what they wore. :-).

  7. Methinks this be a sporran, a pouch used to compensate for a kilt’s lack of pockets.

  8. Dear Annachi,

    The Scotsmen don’t have any pockets in their kilts. As they do not wear jetti under the kilt, they cannot take advantage of Rupa’s latest pocket-vecha jetti technology also. As this leaves them with no place to keep their Scotch and bawbees and groats and Punds Sassanach, they proudly use these pouches called Sporrans.

    Due to the absence of jetti, it also serves as a covering and armour for your average Sean’s – uhm – package.

  9. Pooja Narayanan

    A sporran – The poch worn over a scottish kilt

  10. Pooja Narayanan

    A sporran – the pouch worn over a scottish kilt

  11. Sporran,part of Scottish Highland dress,it just hangs below the belt buckle for people wearing traditional kilts and its a kind of wallet or pouch

  12. When I was in Scotland……

    That’s a Sporran, and is worn with a kilt (if you want a more specific answer of where you would see it – similar to where a batsman would wear an abdomen guard, except on the outside)

  13. the scottish parliment? The thistle seen is also the logo of Encyclopædia Britannica

  14. This is called a Sporran, and it’s the pouch hung in front of a Kilt. This is the day sporran, to be specific.

  15. Sporran, worn with a kilt.

  16. I think this is the “Sporran” – not sure about the spelling. This is the “bag” or “fannie pack” that Scots hang around their waist.

  17. Sporran – The purse for kilted Scottish gentlemen.

  18. Seems like some sort of a ‘tassel’. I’m guessing Gimli wears it in ‘LOTR’.

  19. Sporran, worn with kilts.