Daily Archives: September 5, 2008

Daily Question – 83

One sunny May afternoon, just over three years ago, when Vikram Rajan (CR), Krishnamurti (Goach) and I were trying to set questions for the inaugural QFI Open Quiz, CR came up with this question. If I remember correctly, Goach and I shared the same reaction: “Eh?”, followed by a lengthy explanation from CR, and then, “What?? But why???”.

Of course, we didn’t put it in the quiz that year, in spite of CR insisting very hard that we do. And he may have even forgotten about it now, but I haven’t. And I want to see if any of you guys can crack/appreciate what we couldn’t back then. So here goes:

What is this? Explain. (The guy in the third visual is possibly a clue)

‘A Humument: A treated Victorian novel’ is an altered book by British artist Tom Phillips (Visual 3), first published in 1970. It is a piece of art created over W H Mallock’s 1892 novel ‘A Human Document’ whose title results from the partial deletion of the original title: ‘A Human document’. Two of the pages are shown in Visuals 1 & 2.

Cracked by three people! In order – Raghuvansh, Anustup, and zizzyphus. Well done, ppl!