Daily Archives: September 2, 2008

Daily Question – 80

Today’s question comes from Anil Kumar, star quizzer and my ‘corporate team’ mate! Originally from Hyderabad, he has been a QFI regular for the last four years after having moved here on work.

Identify both the players and connect.

Salvatore Schillaci (Visual 1) was nicknamed ‘Toto’. Sebastien Squillaci (Visual 2) has a surname which sounds like ‘Schillaci’, as a result of which, he also has been nicknamed ‘Toto’.

Cracked by 11 people! In order – zizzyphus, Thomas Masun, Srini, Atul Mathew, RacerX, yabber, Raghuvansh, shafeek, aamaadmi, Sharath, and Thejaswi Udupa.