Daily Question – 77

Connect, with details.

Tian Han (Visual 1) wrote ‘March Of The Volunteers’, the Chinese National Anthem, which was originally released as an album by Pathe Records, the cover of which forms Visual 2. It was also the theme song of the propaganda movie ‘Sons and Daughters in a Time of Storm’ (Visual 3) before being chosen as the national anthem.

Cracked by six people! In order – zizzyphus, citybank(rupt), Kamal Rathi, Thejaswi Udupa, Ajay Parasuraman, and Raghuvansh.


6 responses to “Daily Question – 77

  1. March of the Volunteers is the Chinese National Anthem written by Tian Han and with a slight with alteration became the theme song of the film Sons and Daughters in a Time of Storm.

  2. Father Gaspar, former principal of mattancheery high in kochi once told me that when the commies first came to power in kerela, they wanted him to change the school prayer from the Lords prayer to the March of the Volunteers and they had pictures of Tian han and chairman mao all over the school. Thomas Masun’s uncle was a student of this school at that time and he used hum this song as a lullaby for baby Thomas. This song is hardwired in his brain and he would have got the answer right!

  3. 1.Tian Han
    2.Original Album released by Pathe Records, Shanghai
    3.Poster of the movie Sons and Daughter in a Time of Storm.

    Connect.: The March of the Volunteers, China’s National Anthem. Tian Han wrote it, was released by Pathe Records and was heard in the propaganda movie Sons and Daughter in a Time of Storm.

  4. Thejaswi Udupa

    China’s National Anthem – March of the Volunteers.

    1. Written by Tian Han
    2. Released as an album in 1935
    3. Originally, the theme song of the movie Sons and Daughters in a Time of Storm.

  5. Ajay Parasuraman

    ‘The March of the Volunteers’, the National Anthem of China written by Tian Han (1), was heard in the propaganda movie Sons and Daughters in a Time of Storm(3). And (2) is the Original Album Cover in which the song was released by Pathé Records of Shanghai.

  6. The connect is “March Of The Volunteers”, the national anthem of PR China. The second image is the original album cover of its first release and the third image is a poster for a 1935 Chinese movie called “Sons And Daughters In A Time of Storm” which used this song as its theme. The song was later selected as the national anthem.

    Owing to similarity of slant-eyed faces, I am unable to recognize uncle number one. Pliss echoos.